c d and xXargL

05.04.23 - 30.06.23

With the 22 channel piece [untitled] c d created an all-encompassing murmur that resonates with his interest in sound pollution, the act of collecting and the participatory aspect in listening.

c d is a sound artist / enthusiast who is located in den Haag. His current practice is influenced by how music is embedded in our everyday auditory experience. He is interested in feedback culture and the beauty of the seemingly accidental and trivial.

For the piece [untitled] xXargl wanted to capture a lingering feeling of nostalgia which for her translated in warm familiar, yet suffocating sceneries. She likes to play with the tension between extraction and abstraction of elements from her environment to create something where those elements transcend themselves and exist in another context.

xXargL is a Brussels based scenographer and visual artist. Her low poly sceneries are a visual representation of different heartfelt senses that she felt at specific encounters. They are made as a way to get a deeper understanding of her surroundings and how these affect her senses.


08.06.22 - 31.07.22

EMACS presents the 6-channel sound piece 'sieve'.

EMACS is a musician and artist based in Norway. She recently released “In the Shade of the String” a song cycle mixed in her mom's car stereo and released on endless loop tape by Breton Cassette.

🎶 After the behind the scenes 🎶

Felisha Ledesma

15.03.22 - 15.05.22

Felisha Ledesma presents the 6 channel sound piece 'corner of my eye'.

Felisha Ledesma is a Berlin based sound artist and musician. Felisha conceptualized a synthesizer, AMQR, together with instrument designer Ess Mattisson which was used on Ledesma's releases for labels Ecstatic Recordings and Enmossed x Psychic Liberation. This collaboration led to the formation of Fors, a music technology project creating software instruments.

The birds chirp, their calls cutting in and out of the breathing sound of wafting conversation, I can pick out individual words, but strung together these exchanges mean nothing to me. The only thing is sometimes I feel like I learned the key to the universe but cant quite remember it.

Devi Tensione

15.01.22 - 15.03.22

For the Sub/Neu project Devi Tensione made the piece "I actually don't know where I'm going with these hands over my face", a two-channel rotating whirlwind of soft and very particular sounding soundscapes. The piece is an imprecise representation of how he feels about the 21st century as a human being.

Devi Tensione is a sound artist based in Bari, Italy with a future concerned heart.

Francesca Heart

15.12.21 - 15.01.22

The piece Rose Petal Place created for the Subtle Neutrality project is an amalgamation of her states of being as well as her Google search history. Comfy synthesizers accompany her mental feedback loop of fantasy landscapes, using computer music as a time travel tool into fictional period pieces and as a form of rest, play and incantation. Follow the elves!

Francesca Heart is a dance and sound artist with volcanic and marine origins in Southern Italy.

Diony Lake

15.11.21 - 15.12.21

Perpetuum Icantatio Quintet is a conjuring never ending digital music piece consisting of five sound sources. Visuals by Lars Boelaerts and Quinten Vanagt.

Diony Lake is a recording alias of Belgian electronic music composer Dennis Meersman (°1996, Leuven) Under this moniker, his practice includes the exploration of the intersection of classical counterpoint and the gratification of popular music through digital synthesis. He is the co-founder of the music label Van Dank.

Sophia Zhuravkova

15.10.21 - 15.11.21

Sophia Zhuravkova presents the 4 channel sound piece 'Between'.

Sophia Zhuravkova is a musician based in Moscow writing mostly drone and ambient music. She crafts her sounds as continuations of her intimate world and emotions. She is currently working on a new collaboration project named Ewer.


15.09.21 - 15.10.21

Aylu presents the 6 channel sound piece 'Espora golosa'. Speaker graphic by @Benjofeli.

Aylu, Ailín Grad’s solo project, designs audio spaces from Buenos Aires, mostly known for her potent, psychotropic juke and footwork experiments. Aylu takes ordinary objects and sounds and pieces them together; electro-acoustic systems: slender gears feathering in complex geometries.


15.08.21 - 15.09.21

For the inaugural edition of Subtle Neutrality Broshuda presented "Once I Crawled Back Out From The Dungeon All The Lights Seemed Slightly Different", a piece in three parts channelling radiophonic Eski-Concrète tendencies via tape manipulation and layered piano recordings.

Cross-pollinating a wide textural range of influences, Broshuda's music incorporates elements of sound art, electroacoustic techniques, chopped spoken word dissections and field recorded material, as well as more rhythmically oriented and noise-heavy excursions.
Though kaleidoscopically varied, the work is held together by a playful sense of experimentation and a willingness to explore new directions of sound through an experimental approach and the use of freeform production techniques to expand and further his already broad sonic palette.